Doruk Kumkumoğlu

Fragmented Sights consists of digitally manipulated photographs that are essentially taken in total darkness via a flash. The photos are taken mostly in a random fashion, very quickly and most of the time without seeing the subject beforehand. To disengage all possible conceptual connections that might happen with a photograph the subject is deliberately chosen as simple branches, trees and plantations that does not happen to have any remarkable qualities to it. That way it became possible to produce very “raw” images rather than photographs with subjects and stories. Though the images should be treated as mere graphical content, they do in some sense describes and builds the ground for the essential concept behind the project.

Fragmented Sights is a small booklet that visually explores the phenomenon of data lost. It is by no means intended to explore the subject in depth or to describe the background processes and computational errors behind the phenomenon. Rather the project is focused on the subject on a very superficial level and explores the visual qualities and conceptual possibilities of the data loss. Images are altered, deleted on some places, and overlaid with each other. When seen they awaken the idea that some parts are lost, fragmented or broken, however this does not refer to the concept of error directly since the images are arranged by hand and are not product of mere chance or computational error. That way the raw and seemingly unremarkable photographs become part of this graphical composition and produce the images of uncertain states of themselves so that they can also be interpreted as an ongoing process of data collection, the image is being rapidly coming together rather than a destructive process.

The booklet measures 19 cm x 24 cm